Discover one of the best theme parks in Riviera Maya & Cancun

Feel a bit closer khổng lồ heaven in a place considered one of the greatest and most beautiful natural wonders in the world. Xel-Há Mexico offers one of the best holiday experiences right in the heart of the Riviera Maya. Get unlimited snorkeling, food và drinks while you are able lớn observe multicolor fish and a great diversity of marine species that inhabit the fresh waters of its rivers, cenotes & a natural inlet. Here you will discover that there are also parts of heaven on Earth at your fingertips.

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Xel-Há is celebrating 25 years this 2020, & it is an excellent opportunity khổng lồ visit this natural wonder in Riviera Maya. Have a one-of-a-kind experience where snorkel, food, và beverages are included; relax & enjoy your day.

No matter where you look, you will be able khổng lồ perceive the countless secrets that nature keeps under each rock & on each leaf. Among its trails in the jungle, between the roots of the mangrove and with the 360° views from the đứng top of the Scenic Lighthouse at 131 ft high, you can contemplate the beauty of the Riviera Maya & the Mexican Caribbean in all its splendor, because the magic of the planet lives inside these magnificent waters! In addition, you will have at your disposal a high-quality all-inclusive service & guaranteed fun at all times.

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Not far from Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Xel-Há has prepared for you and your family fun water và land activities. Enjoy ecological attractions, varied restaurants and bars, resting areas, as well as the best landscapes to lớn admire while benefiting from various amenities. Each corner of the place has something new to discover, whether you"re looking for fun, relaxation or lớn satisfy your palate with delicious food. With its vast selection of services, you’ll be able lớn enjoy a worry-free rest where fun flows naturally.

In an all-inclusive park such as Xel-Há, you are the one who chooses how you take the greatest advantage out of it. The site puts at your disposal all food, drinks và activities in order to spend unforgettable moments in a completely effortless comfort. All you have to vì is choose how lớn enjoy the day. You will feel peace and happiness as you have never experienced before in a unique & natural environment, as well as the envy of many other destinations.

It is, without a doubt, an excellent theme park for the whole family lớn enjoy. There is something special for every taste waiting for your arrival. Come immerse yourself in amazing cenotes, lagoons và an inlet or enjoy a spa, water zip-lines, slides, high jumps and many other activities that you will only find at Xel-Há.