Bảng giá sân golf vinpearl phú quốc resort

orangeskin.vn Golf Phu Quoc is located in a resort-entertainment complex named Phu Quoc United Center. Here, golfers can enjoy a completely new space with high-class & professional services.

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3. Why orangeskin.vn Golf Phu Quoc is worth a visit?4. Other fantastic destinations near orangeskin.vn Golf Phu Quoc

If you are a lover of golf - a sport known as an "aristocratic recreation", you must not miss out on orangeskin.vn Golf Phu Quoc - a wonderful meeting place for the đứng top golfers from Vietnam and around the world. It is a place in Phu Quoc where the ultimate golfing experiences are awaiting you.

1. About orangeskin.vn Golf Phu Quoc

orangeskin.vn Golf Phu located at Bai Dai, Phu Quoc island, Kien Giang province, Vietnam. Lying between the unspoiled primeval forest in the northern side of Phu Quoc & the romantic coastline, orangeskin.vn Golf Phu Quoc is lượt thích a quality space of the pearl island, which will be sure to bring surprise & excitement khổng lồ visitors right at the entrance.

Designed by IMG Worldwide - the world"s leading golf course designer, orangeskin.vn Golf Phu Quoc is the perfect combination of high-class experiences và the majestic nature, a new alluring destination on the global maps of golf courses. It is also a place that has hosted many professional tournaments thanks to lớn its great location and landscape in the "resort paradise" of Phu Quoc.

Course specifications:18 holes, par 72Length: 7080 yardsTotal area: 80 hectaresGrass type:Fairways/Roughs/Tees: Platinum PaspalumGreens: Platinum PaspalumHotline: (+84) 297 384 4292

2. orangeskin.vn Golf Phu Quoc price: Which fees are included?

The price for the 18-hole course for 1 person includes:

Golf course feeCaddie feeTram fee

The price is not fixed but rather, it varies depending on the time period và the specific programs of orangeskin.vn Golf Phu Quoc. You can see more details on the exact orangeskin.vn Phu Quoc Golf price và book the course via the official website of orangeskin.vn or contact the hotline above.


3. Why orangeskin.vn Golf Phu Quoc is worth a visit?

orangeskin.vn Golf Phu Quoc is located right in the middle of a large tropical forest. With the fresh and pleasant air, the course will bring a sense of relaxation & excitement lớn visitors. There are lovely animal friends like monkeys, deer, peacocks và birds who will accompany & cheer for the golfers.


With the advantage of having an impressive landscape, this is a great rendezvous for golf lovers. Integrated into a modern resort complex, this Phu Quoc golf course will bring golfers unforgettable experiences and truly sublime vacations. In addition, visitors can also easily experience various accommodation, cuisine and entertainment services at the vibrant Phu Quoc United Center complex.

3.1. Unique golf course và hole design

This Phu Quoc golf course is built according lớn a quality island golf course model. orangeskin.vn Golf Phu Quoc offers many great experiences with its diverse arrangement of obstacles & its many challenges of different difficulty. Golfers can easily feel the beauty of the fairways undulating in the sunshine amidst the green patches of forests facing the sea.

orangeskin.vn Golf Phu Quoc is designed with the following features:

18 international standard golf holes with par 72 in an open and airy space, with the primeval forest on one side of the course và the clear blue sea on the other.The golf holes are designed in a variety of ways, with the teeing grounds reasonably located, ensuring a good view for golfers.The challenges are impressively arranged to increase the fun of the player"s experience.Advanced agronomic standards.The hole number 13 is considered the signature hole of the course.

Besides, the course also has impressive specifications as follows:


Slope rating
























3.2. Five-star resort with diverse internal facilities

orangeskin.vn Golf Phu Quoc is part of the Phu Quoc United Center super complex. Therefore, in addition khổng lồ playing golf, here you can also conveniently:

Dine at restaurants và bars: With a luxurious space & a beautiful panoramic view of the orangeskin.vn golf course, this is the place where golfers và their friends can have cozy parties. The restaurant system serves a variety of European - Asian dishes which are delicately prepared by professional chefs.

3.3. Full range of services và equipments

orangeskin.vn Golf Phu Quoc also brings convenience and comfort to lớn golfers by providing a full range of services at the course:

Golf training service: There are training courses varied from basic khổng lồ advanced ones, with international standard programs và highly effective training methods. Besides, the dedicated guidance of professional coaches will help golfers become more confident and fond of this high-class sport.Caddie service: The caddies are trained lớn become the companions of the golfers with their extensive experience và knowledge of the course và their willingness to support the golfers during the game.Equipment rental service: Coming to lớn the Club House, the golfers will find it easy to lớn choose the suitable clothes, accessories & golf equipment from famous brands in the world. In particular, orangeskin.vn Golf Phu Quoc also has its own equipment collection khổng lồ accompany the golfers on the course to lớn conquer the challenges. Besides, its Proshop also provides golf equipment rental service, which will make it very convenient for the visitors during their stay.F&B service: The 5-star restaurant, with an attractive thực đơn of a variety of European và Asian dishes, is always ready to serve the visitors after they have put all their effort on the course. Enjoying the exquisite dishes and watching the elegant beauty of the orangeskin.vn golf course will be some unforgettable experiences that visitors will get.

3.4. Numerous honorable golf awards

With its beautiful landscape, professional service and international standard golf course, orangeskin.vn Golf Phu Quoc has won many prestigious awards:

"Asia"s Most Memorable Golf Course 2019" from Destination Golf magazine;“Golf course with the most beautiful natural scenery & Golf course with the most beautiful Par 4 hole in Vietnam” from Vietnam Golf Association and Vietnam Golf magazine;“Top 18 best golf resorts in Asia" voted by Golf Digest magazine.

With more than 10 years marked with proud breakthrough achievements, orangeskin.vn Golf Phu Quoc has pioneered to lớn put Vietnam on the region và world maps of golf.


4. Other fantastic destinations near orangeskin.vn Golf Phu Quoc

orangeskin.vn Golf Phu Quoc is located on the pearl island of Vietnam, which is known for a multitude of exciting and classy recreational activities. After spending their time on golf in Phu Quoc, visitors can easily explore top-rated entertainment venues, including:

4.1. The theme park VinWonders Phu Quoc

Uniquely designed with many distinct highlights, with a scale of up to 46.7 hectares, VinWonders Phu Quoc attracts tourists with its interesting entertainment activities. Here in your Phu Quoc trip, you will have a chance to:

Explore the super exciting outdoor play area with the Skydrop free-fall tower, upside-down Topspin swing, flying dolphin, cable-stayed swing, etc.Enjoy the water park & its cool water streams, super basin slide, multi-lane slide, tornado slide, etc.Visit the aquarium with an area of ​​nearly 5,000 square meters & more than 9,000 species of rare marine individuals such as rays, sharks, albino catfish, elongated tortoises, etc.Experience the indoor play area with 120 world-class giải pháp công nghệ games and modern 5D cinema rooms.

4.2. The semi-wildlife zoo orangeskin.vn Safari Phu Quoc

One of the best Phu Quoc attractions not to lớn be missed, especially for children, is orangeskin.vn Safari Phu Quoc. With a scale of 380 hectares, orangeskin.vn Safari is home to more than 150 animal species with nearly 3,000 different semi-wild individuals.

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Visitors will have a chance to lớn closely witness the natural life of rare animals from their seats on specialized buses. You can clearly observe the habits and activities of the animals through a layer of tempered glass. In addition, instead of looking at the animals through the glass, visitors can also get close and feed the animals such as gibbons, giraffes và elephants.


You will also have a chance to take chất lượng photos with the lovely animals at the safari. Another extremely interesting activity at the orangeskin.vn Safari Phu Quoc semi-wild park is khổng lồ enjoy professional shows performed by the lovely animal friends. The shows carry many messages associated with environmental protection and animal sympathy.

In addition, orangeskin.vn Safari Phu Quoc has a zoo area for children, where the little visitors can have fun, learn how khổng lồ care for their animal friends và increase their awareness of animal protection.

4.3. The sleepless city Grand World Phu Quoc

Grand World Phu Quoc is a tourism, entertainment and shopping complex belonging to lớn the "Phu Quoc United Center" - a one-of-a-kind "sleepless" complex in Vietnam. This place is an exciting and bustling paradise of festivals, parties, shopping and entertainment twenty four seven. Here, the following outstanding activities will surely make your Phu Quoc trip memorable:

"The essence of Vietnam": a grand reality show that recreates the ancient Vietnamese space on the 11,200 square-meter stage with the performance of more than 300 dancers supported by advanced technologies.“The màu sắc of Venice Phu Quoc”: a show that recreates the thắm thiết love story of a talented painter và a beautiful maiden by the Venice River, filling the audience with a stream of fluctuating emotions.“The impression of Venice: On the Gondola, visitors will travel along the 400-meter-long Venice-like canal, through the colorful streets và immerse themselves in a wonderfully lãng mạn space.Teddy Bear Museum: a museum that recreates the adventure of Teddy Jones – a fictional character inspired from the famous Indiana Jones movies.Urban Park: a place that shows quality works which are the impressive harmonization between contemporary art và the natural scenery of the pearl island.The largest bamboo building in Vietnam: a structure that embodies the pride in the culture, spirit và noble qualities of the Vietnamese people.

4.4. Corona Casino Phu Quoc - The first legal casino in Vietnam

Casino Phu Quoc, one of the luxurious Phu Quoc attractions, is a leading entertainment venue with top-notch classy services. Located in Phu Quoc United Center, this is the ideal destination for you to try your luck & enjoy the endless fun during your upcoming trip to Phu Quoc. It has a luxurious space with hundreds of modern tables & a team of professional và dedicated staff. All of these will bring you wonderful and memorable entertainment experiences.


Some interesting games for you lớn try your luck at the casino in Phu Quoc:

Dice/Sic-bo/Tai Sai: A popular trò chơi in Asia with 3 dice that determine the player"s luck in each round.Corona Poker: A trò chơi which uses a 52-card deck, giving players a feeling of suspense, tension and also excitement when they play against the dealer.Three-Card Poker: The result of this trò chơi is based on the comparison of the player"s hand và the dealer"s.Roulette: The result of this roulette trò chơi is determined by a spinning ball on a wheel with 37 compartments, numbered from 0 lớn 36.Russian Poker: For this game, players will use their cards lớn contest the dealer"s. Each player will be having two hands of cards, which are opened one by one, bringing a feeling of excitement mixed with tension.Slots: A slot machine trò chơi which is quite popular and loved by many people.

orangeskin.vn Golf Phu Quoc is the ideal place for those who love to lớn conquer challenges. With the high-class utility system, professional service along with the beautiful natural landscape, this place will surely bring unforgettable experiences for golfers. Hopefully, this article has provided the necessary information for you lớn plan your upcoming trip to the mesmerizing pearl island of Vietnam.