Oriental sails

Oriental Sails Deluxe Cruise

Built in 2009 & newly renovated in năm trước in ancient Vietnamese style, this best halong bay cruise - Oriental Sails features 18 deluxe cabins of...

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Calypso Cruises" title="Calypso Cruises">Calypso Cruises Deluxe Cruise

Built in 2018, Calypso Cruises I & II are the fifth, sixth cruise in the fleet of Oriental Sails Jsc with the impressive slogan: “The Timeless...

Starlight Cruise" title="Starlight Cruise">Starlight Cruise Luxury Cruise

Starlight Cruise is truly a remarkable Halong luxury cruise ship as she has many superior and luxury features that a cruise on Halong cất cánh is able to...

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WHY US ? With ten years full of professional experiences organizing numerous Ha Long cất cánh tours for international guests, Oriental Sails JSC has phối a new standard for deluxe cruising with The Oriental Sails và Calypso Cruises và luxury cruising with The Starlight Cruise.While Oriental Sails cruises are designed in time- honored traditional style, Starlight cruise/Calypso cruise is one of the most modern ship with contemporary & luxurious cabins và facilities compared to lớn the rest of Bai Tu Long bay/Lan Ha bay cruises. The entire cruise fleet is well equipped with safety guidelines.Being one of the leading companies in Halong Bay/Lan Ha cất cánh tours, we are now widely known as the favorite choice of many travelers. What better way to experience the natural beauty và spectacular seascape of this UNESCO World Heritage site than onboard an Oriental Sails.

“The staff on Starlight & Tom were very accommodating, friendly & provided excellent service. They made our honeymoon extra special with our beautiful cake & wine. We will remember forever. The food was also amazing. I will recommend Starlight cruise to my friends and family in nước australia when they come lớn Vietnam. Thank you. Tom <…>

“Very lovely cruise. The highlight for us was our one day, day cruise that was an awesome day. The rowboat khổng lồ the fishing village was also very good. The food has been great & great variety. The cake for our honeymoon was also a lovely treat. Thank you. We will recommend you lớn our friends”

“We had a wonderful experience. It was such beautiful scenery, however it was the high standard of professional care and attention from Kent was exceptional & it makes the difference between this và other companies. Congratulations lớn Kent who was very attentive and thoughtful. Please send details of any promotions and special prices. We are <…>

“The moment I step on the boat I felt relaxed và welcomed, the staff are very hospitable and very kind. The food was of an excellence standard và the presentation of the dishes was extraordinary. Our guide Ha Luong was awesome throughout with great knowledge và as a personal favour she offer to show me <…>

“We have totally enjoyed our time on a boat. The program is well organised & we had lots of different activities.”

“Tommy – our tour guide was very professional and extremely organized. He made our cruise găng tay free. Oanh was the best waitress. She was very nice and attentive during the entire cruise. We specifically sat in her area for every meal. She provided lemons even before requested. Our driver was also the best on road, <…>

“A fantastic trip, very enjoyable & memorable. Thank you. Special thanks for the honeymoon cake.”

“The whole experience was fantastic. The cabin was comfortable & gorgeous. Even the shower was great. The food was great cooks, good amount of food. We felt comfortable và well looked after. Thank you for excellent experience.”

“We loved it. We would lượt thích to come again and will be telling our travel agent how wonderful it is. Thank you so much khổng lồ all of the staff for making our trip a memorable one. We will treasure it always.”

“We enjoyed our stay on board, everybody was really nice and helpful. We can highly recommend crew khổng lồ all our friend. Thank you very much.”

Oriental Sails cruise 2 days 1 night" title="Oriental Sails cruise 2 days 1 night">
Oriental Sails cruise 2 days 1 night" title="Oriental Sails cruise 2 days 1 night">Oriental Sails cruise 2 days 1 night

Exploring Ha Long cất cánh on Oriental Sails will bring you a memorial trip. These cruises running khổng lồ visit the Wolrd Heriatage includes various...

139 $/pax ++
175 $/pax
Calypso Cruise 2 days 1 night – The Timeless experiences In Lan Ha Bay" title="Calypso Cruise 2 days 1 night – The Timeless experiences In Lan Ha Bay">Calypso Cruise 2 days 1 night – The Timeless experiences In Lan Ha Bay

The myth of Calypso has been inspirited into Calypso cruises. There are đôi mươi luxury cabins on each cruise that are all finely equipped and exposed to...

155 $/pax ++
188 $/pax
Starlight Cruise tour 2 Days 1 Night" title="Starlight Cruise tour 2 Days 1 Night">Starlight Cruise tour 2 Days 1 Night

Starlight Cruise is the newest thành viên in The Luxury Collection of the Oriental Sails Co., Ltd. This five-star best Halong cất cánh cruise features 32...