Nature Republic California Aloe Ice Puff Sun Spf 50+ Pa++++ 100Ml

Hello everyone! Today I"ll be giving my review on the Nature Republic Provence Calendula Ice Puff Sun with SPF 50++. I bought this in Korea back in July 2016, và I think that this could be a new product for this brand (or maybe a new type of sunscreen in general because of its chất lượng packaging and application). So, let"s get into the review!

When I did some research on this product, I really couldn"t find much information on it at all, which leads me khổng lồ believe that this actually is a new sản phẩm for the brand. I only found a site stating that this was Taeyeon (from Girls Generation"s) favourite tác phẩm for the summer! This sunscreen has 3 main purposes: (1) protect the skin from UV rays, (2) corrects the skin tone và (3) soothes the skin.

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(1) Calendula Extract: A calendula is a flower in the daisy family (often known as marigolds) that helps stimulate the production of collagen at wounds/ scars. As such, it has the right properties to lớn help soothe sun irritated skin.
This sản phẩm also contains chamomile extract which helps soften the skin, và hyaluronic acid which helps moisturise it.

When I first purchased this product, it was stored in a rectangular box (which I have since thrown away). As for the actual packaging itself, I bởi feel that it is extremely chất lượng for a sunscreen. I haven"t seen anything lượt thích this before and during my research, I found only one brand with a similar kind of product... The toàn thân Shop. However, I believe that the toàn thân shop"s product was released before the nature republic one.

As for the product, it is stored in a metal container, with a vị trí cao nhất that is made of plastic. Khổng lồ use the product, you would have lớn turn the dial khổng lồ either the on or off mode, depending on what you want with the product. This is very good because it minimises spillage or wastage.

The sản phẩm also comes with two puffs (one khổng lồ refill just in case), which I really love as well! Better to lớn be hygienic than not, right?
When you first spray the hàng hóa out, its a mist puff that comes out, not a liquid type of product. It applies a little lượt thích the texture of how one would apply a bb cream. Its a little brown looking (compared to the typically trắng sunscreen), & so it does remind me a little of foundation.

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If you blend và even it out right after you put it on, it really does apply và spread very well. However, if you leave it on for a while, it does get a little dry, making it pretty hard to blend. It has a pretty nice scent lớn it too.
Step 3: Lightly apply puff on the skin in a tapping motion. Vày not spread it out by "pulling it" as the application won"t be as smooth và even. If the puff is too cold, wait for 5 minutes before spreading it in an even motion.
Step 4: After use, put the puff back in the container và turn it back to off. Also, just lượt thích a beauty blender, I would recommend changing the puff ever 4 weeks maybe? Depending on how fast you actually bởi vì use this product.
I thought that this concept was a really unique và interesting one. It fused together the "bb cushion" & "aerosol tin" concept. Also, I felt that after applying it onto my skin, this product did help give my skin a more even skin tone. Its kind of lượt thích another version of the bb cream. Maybe not as much coverage, but it does give at least some form of coverage. However for me, because I am so tan already, if I over apply, it does make my skin look really like. So hopefully they will be able lớn release it in a few colours to suit different skin tones. Another plus point about the product would be the magic of the puff. With the puff, I realised that reapplying my sunscreen becomes a lot more convenient. If I"m out in public and have no access khổng lồ a bathroom, I can easily just pump the sản phẩm out onto the puff and right then to my face. I also love the high SPF of this product!!!
Now, as for the cons... I did notice that the puff turns brown very quickly and it is advisable khổng lồ change it frequently to lớn ensure that your face is not exposed khổng lồ unnecessary germs. However, you only have one extra puff to lớn change. Also, its hard to know when to lớn change the puff because you can"t see how much hàng hóa there is left. Also, the box was all in Korean, & I had a bit of difficultly in trying khổng lồ understand what the product is really all about.
I love this product for its hygienic application. The hàng hóa is very easy khổng lồ reapply especially if you"re out & about (imagine that you"re at a beach & can"t apply regular sunscreen on your face because your hands are dirty, but you can definitely use this!) Also, I love that it is not sticky at all lượt thích other sunscreens. Finally, I love the slight coverage that it gives me (because I don"t use BB creams or foundations at all).
However, I would deduct a star because I bởi vì feel that this sản phẩm is a little costly. I bought my sản phẩm for $24 & got 1 bottle free because of a promotion they were having, and I thought that price was a reasonable one. But, without the promotion, I vì think that the price is a little steep for sunscreen.
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