Innisfree Long Wear And No Sebum Bb Cream Review

Korean BB Cream đánh giá and Demo

Is the Korean bb cream, Innisfree No Sebum BB Cream really worth it?Does it really control oily skin & sebum throughout the day?Is it matt? Find out bellow!


Hello Loves! So today I want to giới thiệu with you all a very in-depth đánh giá on the Innisfree No Sebum BB Cream. This is a đoạn clip review so make sure you watch the video clip to see how it performs throughout the day!

I hope you enjoyed the review! Here is a little write up và additional info on the BB Cream.

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I purchased the BB cream in shade #2 here in South Korea from the Innisfree store. The BB cream costs exactly 18,000 won which is $17.58 USD. This price is around the same if you were lớn buy a Revlon foundation, BB or CC cream.

You get 40 ml of BB cream which is an average amount. This Koream BB cream claims to be:

Long LastingOil ControlNon DarkeningEffective Coverage

It also contains

Jeju Mineral PowderJeju Green Tea4 không tính phí system *Innisfree không tính phí of harsh ingredients system*

Innifree No Sebum BB Cream Description:

*The naturally derived mineral sebum controlling powder absorbs excessive sebum on skin surface, helping to present a non-greasy, soft, & powdery complexion all day long.*

By the claims of this product and the description, you would feel that this BB cream would provide a matte finish khổng lồ the skin that would last all day. My personal skin type falls into the combination zone, meaning I can be oily in some areas và dry in others. When applied to lớn the skin, the BB cream instantly absorbs excess oils on the skins surface while still leaving a semi dewy look lớn the skin. It however does not provide a matte look. A dewy complexion is very popular here in South Korea rather then matte skin. Khổng lồ achieve a matte look, this BB cream should be mix with a matte powder or the Innisfree mineral powder to lớn get the most effectiveness from the BB cream.

As for oil control throughout the day, this BB Cream did not hold up. I had a soft healthy look lớn my skin for around 3 hours. After that my oils started to show through. I tested this BB cream for almost 8 hrs. By the kết thúc of my day my skin was looking very oily.

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Coverage wise, this BB cream was excellent! It was very buildable and could easy be applied with a sponge to lớn have a light coverage all the way khổng lồ a medium coverage. This BB cream however was not able to lớn achieve a heavy full coverage effect. If you are someone who struggles with a lot of acne, you will still need a concealer for tougher to lớn hide areas of concern. Over the 8 hrs, this BB cream help up perfectly. My coverage did not fade anywhere over time.

For people with sensitive skin, I personally did not experience any cấp độ of irritation from this BB cream. I personally quite sensitive skin và can feel itchy on the face or react with hives from certain products. This BB cream was the first in a while to not make my skin feel itchy or give me hives or additional pimples!

So my overall opinion?


Non irritatingLong lasting coverageSPF 30 PA++No harsh chemicalsNatural Jeju volcanic island ingredientsAffordable3 Colour choices 1, 2 or 3Does not oxidize over time


Not long lasting oil controlGrabs to lớn dry skin

Needs to lớn be set with a matte powder.

Overall this BB cream is very good for its price & I am very happy with it! If you don’t have very oily skin, then this product is great! If you aren’t someone who loves a matte look then this is a great bb cream to lớn control your oils and give you great coverage for a decent portion of your day. If you are planning on making this BB cream last a full day, you will need lớn set it with a powder and possible tough up half way through your day. If you have dry skin this is NOT a sản phẩm for you. This BB cream does tend to lớn cling to lớn dry patches of skin making them show more. However it is great for hiding enlarged pores! If you are a normal skin type this is a great BB cream to lớn consider using especially if you tend to have sensitive or even acne prone skin.

I give this BB cream 3 stars. It honestly would be a 5 star cream for me but the fact that is doesn’t hold up to good with its main function, oil control makes it thua trận 2 stars.

I hope this reviews was helpful khổng lồ some of you who have been interested in this Innisfree BB Cream!